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This sites is owned and maintained by CFS/ME concerned citizens. We are not health professionals, but concerned citizens. Some of us have also been an FM & CFS/ME patient, as far back as 1977.

FM/CFS/ME RESOURCES was created in 1997 to provide research, support and education for people affected by FM and CFS/ME. You'll also find resources to aid in finding doctors, disability attorneys and support groups worldwide.


Our mission has always been straightforward: to provide support, education, and informational resources to people with FM and CFS/ME, the medical community and anyone who'd like to learn more. We strive to keep you up to date on medical news and research as well as continuing to provide coping tips and treatments for the FM and CFS/ME patient and carer.

Funding, Advertising & Privacy Policy

A small group does all the work on the FM/CFS/ME RESOURCES website alone. FM/CFS/ME RESOURCES accepts NO funding or donations of ANY Kind. This enables me to bring you unbiased information.

One thing you might notice about FM/CFS/ME RESOURCES is the lack of pop-up ads and advertising in general. FM/CFS/ME RESOURCES does not host any form of advertisement. We do not believe in using my readers and members for profit.

The FM/CFS/ME RESOURCES privacy policy is simple; We NEVER share your private information with anyone....EVER! We understand and respect your need for privacy.

Patient Surveys

Very little is known about how FM and CFS/ME works. FM/CFS/ME RESOURCES is working towards solving the FM/CFS/ME puzzle by investigating these diseases in their entirety. My hope is to find a cause, which will point to a cure, thereby eradicating these illnesses completely.

Information is now being collected from FM and CFS/ME patients worldwide. I invite you to help us in our endeavor by visiting our Patient Surveys and taking one or more of our surveys.

Databases On This Site

  • Disability Attorney Database
    The Disability Attorney Database consists of 777 Attorneys in Canada, South Africa, and the USA, that specialize in Social Security disability and/or disability law.

  • Doctor Database The Doctor Database consists of 7363 doctors in 80 countries worldwide that specialize in helping people with FM and/or CFS/ME.

  • Drug Database
    The Drug Database contains information on over 200 drugs used to treat the symptoms of FM and/or CFS/ME.

  • Support Group Database
    The Support Group Database consists of 681 Support Groups in 16 countries worldwide that meet in person to offer support to people with FM and/or CFS/ME.
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