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This sites is owned and maintained by CFS/ME concerned citizens. We are not health professionals, but concerned citizens. Some of us have also been an FM & CFS/ME patient, as far back as 1977.

FM/CFS/ME RESOURCES was created in 1997 to provide research, support and education for people affected by FM and CFS/ME. You'll also find resources to aid in finding doctors, disability attorneys and support groups worldwide.


My mission has always been straightforward: to provide support, education, and informational resources to people with FM and CFS/ME, the medical community and anyone who'd like to learn more. I strive to keep you up to date on medical news and research as well as continuing to provide coping tips and treatments for the FM and CFS/ME patient and carer.

Funding, Advertising & Privacy Policy

I do all the work on the FM/CFS/ME RESOURCES website alone. FM/CFS/ME RESOURCES accepts NO funding or donations of ANY Kind. This enables me to bring you unbiased information.

One thing you might notice about FM/CFS/ME RESOURCES is the lack of pop-up ads and advertising in general. FM/CFS/ME RESOURCES does not host any form of advertisement. I don't believe in using my readers and members for profit.

The FM/CFS/ME RESOURCES privacy policy is simple; I NEVER share your private information with anyone....EVER! I understand and respect your need for privacy.

Patient Surveys

Very little is known about how FM and CFS/ME works. FM/CFS/ME RESOURCES is working towards solving the FM/CFS/ME puzzle by investigating these diseases in their entirety. My hope is to find a cause, which will point to a cure, thereby eradicating these illnesses completely.

Information is now being collected from FM and CFS/ME patients worldwide. I invite you to help us in our endeavor by visiting our Patient Surveys and taking one or more of our surveys.


The FM/CFS/ME RESOURCES logo is an image of two silhouettes. One person is in purple, the color associated with Fibromyalgia (FM). The other person is in blue, the color associated with CFS/ME.

This image represents the millions of men and women worldwide that are affected with FM and/or CFS/ME. The light between the two people is a symbol of light and hope for a cure and advancement of research. The slogan, "You're Never Alone" is to remind you that no matter how much you're suffering, you're never alone.

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