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Very little is known about how FM and CFS/ME works. FM/CFS/ME RESOURCES is working towards solving the FM/CFS/ME puzzle by investigating these diseases in their entirety. My hope is to find a cause, which will point to a cure, thereby eradicating these illnesses completely.

It's been 20 years since the American College of Rheumatology (ACR) published the original criteria to diagnose Fibromyalgia (FM). The newly proposed criteria eliminates the old requirement of a tender point exam and replaces it with a symptom checklist. Below you will find current results.

Did You Have 11 or more of The 18 Tender Points on a Tender Point Exam?
Yes 87
No 2
Doesn't Apply 9
  98 Answered
  2 Skipped Questions

Check The Areas Where You've Experienced Pain in The last WEEK
Shoulder girdle, left 78
Shoulder girdle, right 83
Upper arm, left 71
Upper arm, right 73
Lower arm, left 55
Lower arm, right 62
Hip (buttock) left 76
Hip (buttock) right 77
Upper leg left 74
Upper leg right 70
Lower leg left 68
Lower leg right 67
Jaw left 47
Jaw right 47
Chest 67
Abdomen 56
Neck 92
Upper back 84
Lower back 95
  99 Answered
  1 Skipped Question

Level of Fatigue in the Last WEEK
0 = No Problems 0
1 = Slight or mild problems; generally mild or intermittent 7
2 = Moderate; considerable problems; often present and/or at a moderate level