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The following is a list of common medical conditions that may result in a determination that the patient should receive long term disability insurance benefits. Some are physical conditions and some are mental illnesses.

AIDS / HIV Fibromyalgia Macular edema/degeneration
Back pain Gastrointestinal reflux Manic disorder
Bipolar disorder Glaucoma Memory disorder
Bladder control/cancer Headaches / Migraines Menieres disease
Bulging disc Hearing impairment Meningitis
Cancer (all kinds) Heart disease (several kinds) Multiple myeloma
Carpal tunnel syndrome Heart failure (all kinds) Multiple sclerosis
Cerebral atrophy Hepatitis Myofascial pain syndrome
Cervical disc disease Herniated disc Neuropathy
Crohn's disease High BP / Hypertension Osteoarthritis
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Hip / knee replacement Pancreatitis
Chronic Pain Hodgkin's disease Parkinson's disease
Cystic fibrosis Irritable bowel syndrome Post-traumatic stress disorder
Degenerative disc disease Kidney disease (all kinds) RSD
Dementia Leukemia Rheumatoid arthritis
Depression Liver disease (all kinds) Schizophrenia
Diabetes Lumbar disc disease Seizures
Dialysis Lung disease (all kinds) Spinal stenosis
Epilepsy Lupus Stroke
Epstein-Barr virus Lyme disease TMJ
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