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In 2002, the President announced the decision to make the integration of people with disabilities one of the "big three" of his yards quinquennium-an ambition which is part of a desire to "strengthen our national cohesion by more justice and therefore more attention to the most vulnerable."

Three years later, on Feb. 11, 2005, the law establishes disability notable advances for personal responsibility and overall handicap.

The Disability Act lays down the principle of a new right for you, the "right to compensation" of your disability, whatever the origin of your shortcomings, your age or your lifestyle.

The law seeks to take into account the needs, expectations and choices of life of the disabled person, proposing, after evaluation of the needs and aspirations of everyone, benefits and aid adapted and customized.

The law puts in place the benefit of disability compensation (PCH) which includes aid of any kind, as determined by the needs and draft life of the disabled person without means test.

This service compensation is defined in terms of "personal plan of compensation," defined by the multidisciplinary team of departmental Houses of people with disabilities as a result of a dialogue with the disabled person and his family. Ce plan peut comprendre des mesures diverses, aides individuelles, hébergement, logement adapté, scolarisation, orientation professionnelle, etc. The plan may include a variety of measures: individual aid, shelter, accommodation, schooling, vocational guidance, and so on.

This page provides the answers to some of the more frequently asked questions about French Disability Benefits. Click on the questions below to learn the answers. Contact us if you have any questions.

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What is the Departmental Office for People with Disabilities (MDPH)?

ANSWER: Created by the Act of February 11, 2005, MDPH is the unique place of welcome and support, the unique access entitlements and benefits set up for people with disabilities and their families. The MDPH is a unique address, near you, your steps to facilitate and help you cope with the disability.

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What Happens To Teams COTOREP, CDES, and SVA?

ANSWER: The MDPH together, under the aegis of General Councils, all the powers currently involved in the support of disabled people: teams of the Technical Committees guidance and retraining (COTOREP), departmental committees of special education (CDES) and Sites for Independent Living (SVA).