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The Support Group Database consists of 681 Support Groups in 16 countries worldwide that meet in person to offer support to people with FM and/or CFS/ME.

To find an FM and/or CFS/ME Support Group located near you, select the desired country from the list below. Then select the desired state/province and city.

The FM/CFS/ME RESOURCES Support Group Database is provided as a convenience to our visitors. We have not verified any of the information provided herein as to the accuracy or professional standings. FM/CFS/ME RESOURCES does not assume responsibility, nor will we be liable for damages incurred from the use of, or reliance upon information in the Support Group Database.

Country Selections (16)
USA Australia Canada France
Germany Italy The Netherlands New Zealand
Portugal South Africa Spain Switzerland
Slovenia United Kingdom Ireland Republic of Ireland

State/Province Selections for USA (49)
Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas
California Illinois Colorado Connecticut
Delaware Maryland Missouri D.C.
Florida Georgia Hawaii Idaho
Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky
Louisiana Maine New Hampshire Massachusetts
Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Montana
Nebraska Nevada New Jersey New York
New Mexico North Carolina North Dakota Ohio
Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island
South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas
Utah Virginia Washington West Virginia

Selected Citys in New Mexico (7)
Albuquerque Arroyo Seco Farmington
Las Cruces Los Ojos Sante Fe

Selected Support Groups in Albuquerque (2)
Group Name: CFIDS New Mexico, Inc. Support Network
Group City: Albuquerque
Group State/Province: New Mexico
Group Zip: 87190
Group Country: USA
Date Added: 2008-10-25

Group Name: Albuquerque Fibromyalgia Support Group - Kaseman


Group Description:
Non-professional group that offers experience, knowledge &

ideas to FM patients both male and female. Upbeat group with

a wide variety of info, guest speakers and different topic


Group Web Site: Go To Web Site
Group City: Albuquerque
Group State/Province: New Mexico
Group Zip: 87110
Group Country: USA
Group Phone: 505-480-0856
Group Email: Send Email
Meeting Date: 1st Tuesday of the month
Meeting Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm
Meeting Location: Kaseman Hospital in Aspen/Cottonwood Rooms
Meeting Address: 8300 Constitution
Meeting City: Albuquerque
Meeting State/Province: New Mexico
Meeting Zip: 87110
Meeting Country: USA
Leader: Kimberly
Leader Phone: 505-480-0856
Leader Email: Send Email
You can find all of the information relating to our support

group on our website plus; many other relevant articles and

tips. We have offered support to the ABQ fibro community for

over 20 years! We come together to offer encouragement and

ideas to one-another. Living with a chronic pain disease can

be very isolating; so this is an opportunity to meet with

others who understand and sympathize with what you are going

through (plus a lot of socializing!). We try not to dwell on

the negative, but instead foster an positive attitude to

live a happier life. Every month is a new topic. Members are

encouraged to bring up topics of interest to them or offer a

presentation. We also have guest speakers and medical

professionals attend, on occasion. We have had many changes,

this year, to reinvent this group. If you are a new person

searching for a support group or have not attended in a

while, please join us at the next meeting.

Date Added: 2013-06-10

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