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The Support Group Database consists of 681 Support Groups in 16 countries worldwide that meet in person to offer support to people with FM and/or CFS/ME.

To find an FM and/or CFS/ME Support Group located near you, select the desired country from the list below. Then select the desired state/province and city.

The FM/CFS/ME RESOURCES Support Group Database is provided as a convenience to our visitors. We have not verified any of the information provided herein as to the accuracy or professional standings. FM/CFS/ME RESOURCES does not assume responsibility, nor will we be liable for damages incurred from the use of, or reliance upon information in the Support Group Database.

Country Selections (16)
USA Australia Canada France
Germany Italy The Netherlands New Zealand
Portugal South Africa Spain Switzerland
Slovenia United Kingdom Ireland Republic of Ireland

State/Province Selections for United Kingdom (52)
Northern Ireland Berkshire Cheshire Milton Keynes
Cambridgeshire Greater Manchester Wales Lancashire
Devon Dorset Ulster Avon
Bedfordshire West Midlands Guernsey Durham
Cleveland Tyne and Wear Scotland Cornwall
Cumbria Derbyshire Essex Staffordshire
Kent London Surrey Hampshire
Herefordshire Gwent East Yorkshire Isle of Man
Leicestershire Lecestershire Lincolnshire Merseyside
Norfolk Northamptonshire Nottingham Nottinghamshire
Oxfordshire Scottish Borders, Scotland Shropshire Somerset
Suffolk Sussex Warwickshire Worcestershire
Yorkshire Wiltshire West Sussex Hertfordshire

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